Friday, 24 October 2014

Concept Art: Morton Haack

Morton Haack's original costume design sketches.


  1. I have heard that many sketches were done by Morton Haack for the Concept Artwork for the films costumes, I have been trying to find an uncrowded version of the humans sketch but thus far have only seen the one of the male and female who I understand Is suoopsed to be the character of Nova. In th orinal book Planet of De Singe's novel is discribbed as being blonde, so I think that is wy through female is blonde in the original sketch drawing.

    1. Yeah, and of course Angelique Pettijohn modelled as Nova for the 1967 costume tests, and Ursula Andress was considered for the role. Note also that Nova is bare-breasted in the sketches, as she was originally supposed to appear in the film.